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Many often say that Salvadore's work brings an African aesthetic to the Murano tradition. He remembers an image that remained with him from the 1980's: a picture of an African woman carrying a vase with water on her head. Looking at a Salvadore's artistic vessel, which has a double or triple neck, one can envision a woman with raised arm steadying that vessel.


Salvadore's love of music influenced him to produce a popular series of full sized glass stringed instruments. Each series is named a unique name he created, for example a 'Spingarpa', 'Chitamarra', etc.  Within each group, each instrument varies in size, color and complexity, which would allow a collector to purchase one series but each piece will be different for a comprehensive representation of Salvadore’s works.


His works are a synthesis of what he sees and feels, and he works primarily without a drawn plan but uses the one in his head and his heart. His multilayered pieces reflect his skill at directing his team to work with the hot, ever moving glass until the culmination of his vision.  Salvadore is wholly invested and present at every step of this process, from conception through the finishing touches of each piece.

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